Our Story

Our mission is to empower women with stylish, comfortable, and (yes) sexy footwear in extended sizes. Born from Cee Cee Massey's personal journey, we craft shoes that blend fashion and practicality. Every design was made to deliver confidence and elegance to women with a few extra inches in their stride.

Making big strides towards change

Growing up with low self-esteem not only because of my shoe size, but because I was just different, took a toll on how I saw myself and the world in general. I have always been taller and shapelier than my peers, so like all children, you compare yourself to them and see what’s considered “IN,” and to me, it wasn’t me. 

My family was a middle-class family, so not much money for designer clothes and shoes, especially the ones that were cute and that could fit me—they were way too expensive. So all I wore were men's shoes. K-Mart was “the” place where my mother shopped for shoes for me, and I would dread going there.

One day in 8th grade, I came home in tears, grabbed my mother, and just cried. I told her that when I grew up, I was going to make my own line of shoes for girls with big feet so they wouldn’t have to go through what I went through and feel the way I did.

And I did just that! My mind was made up, and a light of hope was in my heart! I knew that little old me could make a “BIG FOOTPRINT” in this big old world.

Sierra “Cee Cee” Massey,
Founder and CEO

We Stand Tall, We Stand Out

Designed For You

Our shoes aren’t upscaled from small designs. They’re tailored specifically for women's sizes 10–16.

Serving Fashion

We’re create stunning, stylish shoes that let our customers feel as just as beautiful as they really are.

Community Focus

We’re building a community for our shared experiences so we all feel supported and included.